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BBC Magazine feb 2011: "Orchestral joy in Holland"

The once doomed Netherlands Broadcasting Music Centre (NBMC) has been granted a reprieve. Having announced in October that the NBMC was to close, Marja van Bijsterveldt, the minister for education, culture and science, has since decided instead to give the NBMC (€ 14m) - half the centre's current operational budget - from a reserve fund.

The change of heart follows worldwide protests at a closure that would have seen the end of acclaimed ensembles such  as the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. An online petition gathered ten thousands of signatures and some of the centre's musicians held a flashmob performance at The Hague central station to draw attention to their plight.

"We are partially relieved", says Anton Kok, the CEO of the centre. "We are happy that we are not to be abolished, but what we're doing now is going to talk with politicians and public broadcasting governors and saying 'what about the rest?' Because although we know there are some huge budget cuts we think our ensembles are quite unique in the Netherlands and of international quality."

Laatste aanpassing op Wednesday 16 February 2011

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