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“Metropole Orchestra scores with protest song”

On 28 November 2011 de Volkskrant (Pablo Cabenda) wrote:
“Nearly every band and every artist this orchestra has played with has claimed a place on the charts – from Basement Jaxx and Moke to Chaka Khan. But this time the Metropole Orchestra, threatened with closure, has found its own way to the hit parade – for the first time. And how! Their protest number Wereldwijd Orkest, played by this broadcasting orchestra, written by Han Koreneef and John Ewbank (who also write for Marco Borsato) and sung by Dutch stars such as Trijntje Oosterhuis, Karin Bloemen and Giovanca, entered the Dutch charts Friday at number one on the Mega Top 100.
The piece has a warm, rounded sound and a ‘We are the World’ type of appeal, put across by winds, strings and with the traditional, oft-repeated, refrain sung by all. Tried and tested, it’s absolutely perfect for a Christmas tree and a warm fire in the fireplace.
The number one hit is the crowning glory for an orchestra that works in a wide variety of alliances to stay up there, front and centre. The orchestra considers the project to be a successful test of its cultural entrepreneurship – something politics today demands of subsidised orchestras.”

Haven’t heard their number ‘Wereldwijd Orkest’? Download it here.

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“Metropole Orchestra scores with protest song”