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Dutch Lower House of Parliament supports Metropole Orchestra

On Monday a majority in the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament asked Minister Van Bijsterveldt to support the Metropole Orchestra during its transition to becoming an autonomous entity. The business plan drawn up by the Metropole Orchestra will be studied in detail by the Minister. She is willing to use the requisite funds earmarked for frictional costs to support the transition during the coming four years, on the condition that the orchestra will not receive any further financial support from the Media budget.

Anton Kok, MCO managing director: ‘We are very pleased with the support shown by the Lower House. Now it is a matter of thoroughly discussing the plans for achieving an autonomous existence with the minister and ensuring that the Metropole Orchestra is given a fair chance to safeguard its unique and special position within the Dutch musical landscape. The Metropole Orchestra has made it clear that it is ready to take up the challenge. Our number 1 hit is proof of this. However, in order to ensure a healthy future for the orchestra we require the support of the Lower House and the minister. In view of the support that we received today in the debate, I can confidently look forward to further discussions with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.’

The VVD [Liberal Party] views the minister’s pledges as inordinate, also her remark that she ‘would not make an issue out of an extra million’ in this context. The VVD hopes that the minister will soon clarify her position. The Socialist Party (SP) put forward a motion to support the Metropole Orchestra for four years with 11.5 million euro during its transitional phase to achieving autonomy and to begin negotiations from this basis. The minister interprets the motion put forward by Jasper van Dijk from the SP as being supportive of her policy and leaves it up to the Lower House to form its own opinion.

[photo: VVD receives Golden Record for hit single Wereldwijd Orkest (World Wide Orchestra)]

Laatste aanpassing op Tuesday 13 December 2011

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Dutch Lower House of Parliament supports Metropole Orchestra